5 Cost Effective Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling a home, the outside appearance is just as important as the inside. If your property is looking its best, you will attract more clients and you will sell your home faster, and for what it’s worth. The good news for home owners is that there are many ways to quickly and inexpensively improve your property’s curb appeal!

Paint: Paint is probably the most cost effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your home, leaving it clean, crisp and lends a newer appearance to your home. An updated paint job provides you with an opportunity to stand out in listing portfolio photos as well as compared to your neighbours.

Mailbox: A brand new mailbox with personality sitting on top of a brand new post, or even brick or stone column, makes an immediate impression. It is also an opportunity for you to showcase the house number and coordinate with your home’s existing look.

Hardware: Upgrading old or rusty hardware such as door handles, locks, lighting fixtures, and house numbers. These will add bright and metallic points of interest. Even something as simple as new address numbers on your siding adds charm.

Front Door: It should go without saying that the entrance to a home can make a strong impression. A fresh coat of paint, new wood finish, or perhaps even an entirely new door, can transform the entryway to your house and make it infinitely more welcoming. Consider adding personality to your door with bright colours, or take advice from the above tip by adding shiny new hardware to it.

Instant garden: Container gardens add a colourful, beautiful and welcoming feel to your porch or front entrance instantly. You can buy ready-made containers from garden centres for a quick solution. Consider creating symmetry near the entrance of your house using potted plants or flowers. For other areas of landscaping, a more staggered asymmetrical look is usually preferred.